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Whether you’re an established business looking for a new online presence or a start-up looking for the basics, we have a solution for you.



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1. Our policy
  1. We are the creators of our reality and we perceive you as such.
  2. We always deliver the best of us for you and your customers
  3. Simplicity
  4. Win – Win
  5. Project Completion.
2. Duration of time

The time to create a website varies depending on the complexity of the project and the client’s requirements. We will provide you with a more accurate estimate after getting to know the client’s content. 

3. What we do

We offer complete services in the field of website development, hosting, or domain registration. We make a proposal > after approval we fine tune the final version with you > for 12 months you do not solve anything. We include website management (security, updates, fixing, accessibility, editing). The price includes 60 minutes per month.

4. How we do it

The website development process includes initial consultation with the client, design and prototype, development, testing and final editing.

5. Why are we doing this

We love the process of materializing from the inside out in the form of an idea and making it a reality > the result is your website. We build websites to support businesses, people and projects that want to be seen in the digital world.

6. Payments

You can pay by bank transfer, cash, gold or bitcoin. You can even combine it – 50% cash, 50% bitcoin. It’s up to you how you want it.